Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Danilon's Mares in the snow

Our little family of horses had quite a shock in the normally balmy Cornwall.

We have divided the mares into two groups - Lizzie (Marwen Lizzie - Holstein) and April (Shabril Wil TB plus?) live on the front fields with access to their own private stable throughout the day and they are shut in for the night.
Whilst the Irish Chasing Thoroughbred mares Diva (Divers Perk) and Belle (Joyce's Hope) live in a separate group with Diva's 2008 filly Dolly (Dolly Dimple) at the back of the farm coming into the main stable yard with Sootty (23yr old Holstein gelding) and Dani (Danilon Pre stallion) for the night.

Lizzie enjoying her morning water after Charles had broken the ice for her

We brought the TB mares in at lunch time yesterday just as the snow started to fall in earnest so it was with slight trepidation that we turned them out this morning. The two sensible veteran of many a race course and days hunting carefully escorted the young filly away to the top fields to search for the grass and stretch their legs for the day.

Dolly nearest camera with Belle and Her Mum Diva first thing this morning

Lizzie and April ready to go this morning